Snorkling, fishing, wind-surfing, mountain biking, hiking, kite-surfing and even parascending are just a few of the activities this area has to offer but the surf is the main attraction for many of our visitors.

The waves in this region remain something of an enigma, perhaps because this corner of Europe is still very remote. A five minute drive will find you at Praia de Arrifana, one of the gems of southern Portugal. As well as three quality beach breaks there is the point, which the locals have named Kangaroo. This is a fast, hollow and rocky right not for the faint hearted (bring a 7ft plus) and there is also much more on offer.

Monte Clerigo, the local beach, is only 2 minutes down the hill and offers a punchy shorey with the classic beach break line up.

Drive past Monte Clerigo and turn left on the corner at the top of the hill and you end up overlooking Amoreira. A Rivermouth beach break with a great bank at mid tide and small point out to the right.

Carrapateira and Amado, a short drive south, offer quality uncrowded reef and beach breaks. Drive a little further south and you arrive in Sagres where you find yourself on what early explorers described as the edge of the world. Here you are completely surrounded by Atlantic ocean. Look left to Spain, straight ahead to Morocco and right to Brazil and Argentina. The swell window is huge. Whatever the wave you’re looking for, it can be found here.

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